Thursday, November 13, 2008


Barak Obama has been portrayed by political commentators and Republicans alike as all talk and no action. Obama's appointment of Illinois congressman, Rahm Emanuel, as his White House chief of staff, shows that the Democratic President-Elect has every intention of proving this portrayal wrong.

Obama clearly understands that if you need to get things done, you need more than inspirational leader. You also need a hard-headed, no-nonsense, foul-mouthed, smart-as-hell, get-it-done-or-get-out-of-my-way guy like Emanuel. His determination and take-no-prisoners approach earned him the nickname Rahmbo.

Emanuel is an unusual hybrid of high-level experience as a top adviser to President Bill Clinton together with proven expertise as a Congressional leader and political strategist. Between leaving the White House and being elected to the House, Emanuel worked as an investment banker (read into that what you will).

Given his reputation, it will probably come as no surprise that his brother, Ari Emanuel, a Hollywood agent, is the model for the abrasive agent Ari Gold in the HBO series “Entourage.”

I think appointing Emanuel as chief of staff is a great choice by Obama. Read more about Rahm Emanuel here and here.

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