Monday, April 6, 2009

Out and about (aka longest post ever)

I'm usually really busy with work during the week, which means my weekends are typically crammed full of the all the tasks, chores and miscellaneous things I didn't achieve between Monday and Friday. Miraculously, I woke up last Saturday with a clear schedule. A day to do whatever took my fancy - what a treat!

First-off, I finally got round to setting myself up with a Twitter account. Twitter has been the talk of the town for a while and when HKHam declared that he had signed up, I decided it was time to get on the bandwagon. If you're a fellow twit, look me up, my user name is silights.

I'm totally addicted to Street Fighter 4 and, after a quick coffee run, Saturday morning presented the perfect opportunity to unlock all the characters I was missing. The game is totally rad, though, I suspect I'm giving myself RSI. Having finished the game with every character, I feel I'm almost ready to start playing online - to date my forays into online play have resulted in significant thrashings at the hands of people (i.e. teenage boys) with tags like 'Schpasm' and 'ZakDaSakAttack'.

After wasting half the day inside, staring at various screens, I felt the urge to step outside and get some pollution. Walking to Causeway Bay is probably shortening my life, but I needed to stretch my legs.

I stopped on the way to pick up some fruit for breakfast. The grocer recommended I take a banana because, apparently, they are "full of potassium". All I know about potassium is that it explodes when thrown in water, which made the bananas seem slightly dangerous and, therefore, much more appealing than any other fruit.

Next stop was Uniqlo, to check out the new t-shirt collection. Every season Uniqlo invites a range of designers and artists to design half a dozen t-shirts. The t-shirts are then sold for between HK$70 and HK$100. The designs are generally cool and I really like being able to purchase a nicely designed and produced t-shirt for under HK$100. I walked away with 10 t-shirts for myself and a couple of extras, which I've posted to friends.

I stopped on my way out of Uniqlo to admire an installation dedicated to Polaroid cameras. The information sheet was all in Chinese, so I don't really know what the installation was all about, but it looked cool ... blowout.

I then headed over to Times Square to check out Page One. Times Square had a great installation in the atrium by Chocolate Rain. The installation had all sorts of places for kids to climb and explore. To see the installation, I had to fight past a wall of parents who were looking on with relief as their children entertained themselves in the jungle of wooden alcoves.

I then bolted home, got changed, picked up Sleepyanimal and headed out to TST to meet DJ and TJ for a good old fashioned pub crawl. I wont go into the details of this part of the evening, as it has been articulately covered by Sleepyanimal.

I will, however, mention that we had the best snacks at the food stall on the corner of Hart Ave and Prat Ave in TST. Check it out if you need a feed after a few quiets in TST.

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