Monday, March 15, 2010

Guilty pleasure - Ninja Assassin

Ninja Assassin is fun, exhilarating even, but leave your brain at the door.

Sleepyanimal and I managed to procure a copy of the Ninja Assassin DVD, which has just been released. We watched it last night after a lovely day relaxing and drinking beer with friends on a rooftop (I mention this because it put me in the perfect mindset to watch this film).

I've been curious to see Ninja Assassin since the fight choreography work was covered by /film last year (see it here).

The film's strength is in it's gory action sequences, which are kick-ass.

In addition, Rain, who plays Raizo (a highly trained ninja who has turned on his clan after they killed his childhood sweetheart), is surprisingly charismatic and is superb in the fight sequences.

The plot, however, is paper thin and the dialogue between the two europol officers (which is where the bulk of the 'plot' is delivered), is B-movie at best. Only Sho Kosugi, who plays the violent and cruel leader of the ninja clan, seems to understand the level of overacting required to push the movie's cliched characters through the wall of bad B-movie and back out the other side to great B-movie.

This movie is a guilty pleasure.

Now for sleepyanimal's opinion of the film.

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