Saturday, May 16, 2009

Back from the coal face

Work has been tough down in the mines recently, so spare time and blog posts have been scarce. But I'm back with some computer game related goodness for you.

So, I've been playing some computer games recently.

Wolverine is one of these games. What Wolverine lack in storyline, frame-rate and finesse, it makes up for with brutality and gore. I concur with this review and these comments on the game. Basically, it's total dumb-arsed fun, but I don't recommend forking out your hard earned bones to play it. Play God of War again instead and wait for Wolverine to turn up in a bargain bin.

Plants vs Zombies is also a game I've been playing. This game is seriously addictive and runs on my Mac! I recommend this game as a great time waster and at HK$28, it's a steal.

Keeping with the computer game theme, check out this interesting photo essay from the Guardian: Gold farming: a real economy in the virtual world. I have many thoughts about the implications of virtual economies and the conditions the kids in the article have to live in, but I'll save these for a more considered post.

A moments silence, 3D Realms has closed and it looks like Duke Nukem Forever will never be finished.

Given that this game has been 13 years in development, I don't think anyone is too surprised by these turn of events. Even so, I would liked to have heard the big man say "balls of steel" one last time.

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