Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Did I say that

Sleepyanimal sent me this great Guardian article, which reminds us of some of Cristiano Ronaldo's more memorable quotes, including:

On his best feature:

My body. I have a nice body (2007)

On Manchester:

At 3 o'clock, 4 o'clock in the night you can do nothing special. But in
Portugal it is different (2008)

Asked who Man Utd's best-looking player is:

Well, after me, my team doesn't have many gorgeous ones, honestly. A blond
and blue-eyed guy - there is none, is there? Difficult ... I'd say Patrice
Evra (2009)

On having a son some day:

He should have the same football genes as me so that he could follow in my
footsteps. If he looked like me, it would be even better. I will not say: "I
would like a clone", but hope our similarities would be easy to notice at
all levels (2007)

On being booed during away games:

If they don't boo me now, I think: "Why don't the people boo me?" It's
normal. I like it (2008)

On self-doubt:

It isn't always possible to play beautifully. But I think some players in
the Premier League basically always do - and I am one of them (2006)

On his taste in women:

I prefer them with a full set of teeth (2008)

And finally, a wee gem from former Newcastle owner, Sir John Hall, who described the club's relegated squad "rubbish" and "useless".

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