Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hong Kong and bad photography

I’ve been thinking hard about what t-shirt designs to print. I want to do something that relates to Hong Kong, while I’m still living here, but at the same time I want the designs to reflect things I’m interested in.

The theme I’ve decided on is to try to present the images of Hong Kong that captured my imagination when I first arrived. The three that immediately spring to ming are: the bustling markets, in particular Tai Yuen market, which is next to where I live; the improbably plumbed apartment buildings; and the heavily signed, busy shopping streets, in particular Sai Yeung Choi St. Although I want to capture the overall magical aspects of these places, I also want to show the understanding I've gained of them through living here. I'm hoping to achieve this by including the bits you don't notice when you first look at them, such as the bent-over men pushing cardboard carts, the roasted sweet-potato vendors standing over their unprotected gas burners and the boys that play between the rubbish bags behind their parent's market stalls.

My plan is that these images will be simple, hand-drawn (basically outlines) and probably predominately black and white (I want to only use colour to emphasise an aspect of a picture).

I took the photo below as a guide for how my market image might look.  I've overexposed the image to try to simplify things, so I can use the outlines as the foundation for my line drawing. I’m not very good at photography, so stay tuned for more bad photography as I build up a collection of images to base my drawings on.

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