Saturday, January 17, 2009

Drank, 'cause that's how I roll

The Giant Bomb guys were talking about Drank on their latest Bombcast. Drank is another terrible sounding addition to the already saturated 'lifestyle' drink market.

So what's the deal with Drank? According to its website it's "[t]he first EXTREME RELAXATION drink to hit the market."

And now for the drink's tag line: "Just slow your roll." Amazing, I got to get me some of this stuff.

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Nick JP said...

I'm so happy that this exists.

"Purple Drank" is fairly ancient internet meme that now appears to have transcended its internet origins and become commercially manifest.

I think its origins were some sort of rocket-fuel made from cough syrup. :D

The internet knows.

If you get your hands on some I want to know the results.