Monday, September 22, 2008

Camouflage by Lui Bolin

Lui Bolin is a young Beijing based artist. I’ve posted a series of pictures from his ‘Camouflage’ collection, which features Chinese citizens painted to blend into their surroundings.

Camouflage can be enjoyed simply for the amazing technical accuracy Bolin has achieved. The effect is stunning – I was blown away when I first saw this collection.

Camouflage also presents an interesting social commentary. Bolin’s subjects have become one with their surroundings – it appears that individuality has been sacrificed in favour of the identity of the 'State'; Patriotism in its purest form. One World One Dream anyone?

(Lui Bolin via shape+colour)


Anonymous said...

oh my god!!! the last piece is excellent!!! makes me wonder how he does it. - D

Si said...

He maintains that he doesn’t use photoshop, which is what I thought when I first saw the pictures. It must be a painstaking process.

Anonymous said...

i feel for the models, to be painted and having to stay still for hours....-D

Anonymous said...

i love his work. soo brilliant!