Thursday, September 18, 2008

iPhone and HTC Touch HD

Gizmodo has posted pictures of the new HTC Touch HD with the iPhone. The Touch HD is probably the first phone that can be placed next to the iPhone and not be shamed (I actually think it looks better than the iPhone).

General impressions of the Touch HD on the internets are that TouchFlo is super smooth, the screen is huge and the 5 mega-pixel camera handles low light pretty well.
I’m currently using an HTC Diamond and my only complaint is that the interface is slow, particularly compared to the iPhone (2G or 3G version). If HTC has fixed the interface up, they could have a real contender on their hands.

Is this the long awaited “iPhone killer”? - Too early to judge I think. I await the HTC Touch HD with interest, particularly if I can run Android.


Nick JP said...

... I worked it out.

I've only really played with the iphone so I can't really comment on the comparison. Though my current profession means I've sadly had to pass-over such techno-delights in favour of 'robustness'. I don't think either of these would cope well with being dropped in a pile of iron-ore fines.

Si said...

I suspect neither phone would last a day out in the dessert. You should get yourself one of those super rugged, works on the moon type phones. Check out the Sonim XP1. It comes in a Sydney-friendly all black finish or in hard-hat yellow. (