Saturday, February 21, 2009

4 am, Hong Kong

I love the feeling of getting home around 4 am after a great night out. Your ears are still buzzing from the music, head is bit light from booze, stomach full from a greasy feed and legs aching from dancing. The city is quiet at this time. I like to take a moment to let the memories of the evening drift past:

It started quiet enough. Sushi across the road. Two old Japanese guys next us at the counter, with two young women in boots. Trish notes "she is speaking in Japanese, it could be his wife." One of the young ladies in boots escorts her dinner companion to the bathroom.

Mark and I are thinking of flagging the night away. We fire up the PS3 and battle through a few rounds of Street Fighter 2. We decide to have a few beers. Then four games of Winning Eleven - Germany versus Australia. Mark wins them all. We have a few more beers. Trish drinks a lychee with vodka. I put Wipeout on with the music turned right up. It's like a scene from Hackers. We're fired up now.

We walk into the gig and its like something from 1996: Concrete floor, speakers stacked up in the corner, a smoke machine and green laser going nuts.

Doc Scott is standing at the bar, like some geezer in a pub watching QPR play. I stop and mentioned I liked his set. Intalex is playing in the background. I mention that I saw him in NZ, more years ago than he would care to remember. He says they're going there next and that it probably was more years ago than he would care to remember.

The music is awesome and the mixing is excellent. We cheer. The crowd look at us like we're strange, than start cheering too. It's a good night.

4 am. I need a feed, the tequila shots are making me feel worse for wear. A greasy noodle will fix things up.

Back home. About to go to bed.

I like the city at this time of night.


Anonymous said...

Fired up is from THE CROW, isnt it? those 3 morons lifting up their arms shouting,"fired it up! fire it up!" after T-bird died....

Wheelchair MC said...

Great post Si!

Si said...

Yeah, T-bird yells "fire it up" earlier in the movie and Shank says it after T-bird dies. Sorry D, I should have said like a scene from The Crow.

The reference to Hackers was because Mark and I were playing Wipeout - fortunately neither of us was wearing a white one-peice.

Cheers Matt. I have received a number of comments regarding the drunken post.