Sunday, February 8, 2009

For Sprout

The subject of Big Picture's latest post, La Princesse, is my little sister's worst nightmare. This one is for you Sprout.

It's a great collection of pictures and I recommend checking out the the comments section, as Peter Carr is responding to question. Excellent stuff!

This second picture is for JP. I bet you thought the same thing as I did when I looked at it - Tachikoma.

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Sprout said...

oh dear lord! You're right - that's just not right.
But I am making some progress, I saw a spider in my room the other day and I didn't kill it with my laptop/large book/heaviest object in my reach. I trapped it in a cup, and took it outside. Granted I left the cup outside, and never want to touch it again. But it was a big step.