Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For B

This video is for B. I know you're more of Marvel v Capcom guy, but when I saw this video, I immediately thought that you would: a) appreciate it; and b) understand what was going on.

The winning player in this video is Daigo Umehara, the number one SFIV player in Japan. For those not versed in the ways of Street Fighter, Diago (Ken) comes back from virtually zero health to perfectly parry every single hit of his opponent's super (impossibly hard) and then bust into his own combo to win the match.

Via Giant Bomb


Wheelchair MC said...

Loving this series of posts - there's a link at the bottom of my latest post that i think you might find amusing. You were missed at the Waitangi Day BBQ. I think Trish ate your share of the sausages

B said...

I taught him everything he knows. That shit was intense!