Sunday, October 5, 2008

Candidate Kung-Fu

What a great way to get people interested in the US Presidential race - turn it into an arcade game. Just in case you thought the existing media and hype around the race wasn't absurd and trivial enough, check out Kung-Fu Election. It's Mortal Kombat, but instead of Scorpion and Sub-Zero, it stars Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, the Obamas and the McCains. The concept is simple: Pick a player and try to literally kick the electoral stuffing out of someone from across the aisle.

On the GOP side, there's John McCain, dressed as Kane from Kung-Fu, Cindy McCain as the Bride from Kill-Bill, and Sarah Palin, wearing some odd combination of Xena: The Warrior Princess garb and what looks like the fur of an Alaskan air-hunted wolf.

On the Democrat other side, Joe Biden rocks some Soul Caliber-attire while the Obamas don more stereotypical martial arts duds. Each character has a special move. Palin whips out a Second Amendment protected rifle, Cindy McCain attacks with flying blond ponytails, and the often wordy Biden opens his mouth to spit out a foot that will kick you in the face.

It's just so fitting and right for this absurd electoral season, yet so wrong at the same time. 

(Kung-Fu Election via Time)

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