Saturday, October 4, 2008


Platinum Games' MadWorld is a stylish, ultra violent beat-'em-up that will really get the 'less violence in games' brigade wound up. 

The game features outlandish graphic violence combined with a black-and-white palette, with splashes of red blood as the exception.  Madworld appears to be going for the violence + humour formula that worked so well in God of War.  Like GoW, Madworld doesn't muck around with a convoluted plot: You take the role of Jack, a contestant in a killing game known as Death Watch.

If they get the humour right and its not too repetitive, this game will be a blast ... if its available. While the game is aggressively geared towards the American market, it won't be released in "sensitive" markets - like Japan, Germany and Australia. Sega are treading carefully with this one.

Madworld is due to be released on the Wii early next year.

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