Sunday, October 5, 2008

Geek chic by Paul Pope

The super talented Paul Pope has designed a clothing line for DKNY, NYC 2089. The line, which mixes Pope's artwork and design to create 15 pieces of clothing surrounded by a narrative about New York 100 years after the creation of DKNY Jeans, is available in stores now, and backed by some wonderful original artwork by Pope.

Pope's stated aim for the project is interesting. "I see this line as a way of stealing Pop back from Warhol. We've seen comics endlessly pillaged in the high art world and adapted to film, for better or worse. We've seen comics images quoted in fashion and copied in street art. Comics has a cultural currency all its own. But this is maybe the first time an actual cartoonist has been given the chance to launch his own brand, to build it from concept on up, to do it within the bounds of an established label such as DKNY Jeans."

I like the look of some of the t-shirts and the black and white printed hoodie is definitely going in the shopping basket.  Apparently Pope designed a window display here in Hong Kong, so I will dust my camera off and see if I can uncover this display. Stay tuned.

(DKNY via io9)

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